5 Interior Design Trends to Bring Home from Luxury Hotels

Design-forward hotels are beginning to pop up on every corner of the globe. There are so many luxury resorts nowadays that it can be difficult to pick where you want to travel to, and oftentimes the hotel itself can dictate the trip you want to take. Many luxury resorts prioritize guest relaxation, communication with the environment and authenticity. Gone are the days of bare bones hotels with sub-par amenities, today’s hotels are part of a new generation that is striving to give you your best experience yet.


The best hotels can inspire rooms in your home for years to come. For anyone who longs for their vacation to never end, here are some tips on how to incorporate resort interior design into your own home.

Pay Homage to Artisanal Craft

Design is in the detail. Whether you prefer art from your own community or you’re a collector of art from your many travels, bringing these items into your décor theme can make your home feel more personal.


Honor Industrial Elements

Add unique light fixtures and earthy, caramel-toned furniture to make a room feel less trendy and more thoughtful. Exposed brick and bulbs paired with thrifted, industrial furniture can give any home an urban feel.

Layer High-End Textiles and Textures

For someone who prefers extravagant décor to minimalism, make your home feel as luxurious as The Plaza Hotel by adding more textures, patterns, and fabrics. When it comes to this theme, more is more.


Indulge In Unconventional Color Palettes

Add a pop of color to any room with a neutral color theme to bring color maximalism into your home. While white can be a relaxing color, rich hues welcome the ambiance of an international destination.

Mix Antique and Contemporary Themes

If you’re a fan of mixing old and new décor, bring a touch of historical elegance to your home by adding damask wallpaper, mirrored doors, or a sculpted chandelier. Mix wooden antiques with more modern pieces like a mid-century coffee table for a striking combination.