Luxury Vertical Living: What's It Like?

Each year, an increasing number of people moving to live in big cities. There is something about the rush of living in an exciting, urban area with endless opportunities to explore that draws people in. Metro areas have seen the most spectacular increases in the construction of high-end development, and the city centre is almost always the most desired location for residential luxury high rises to be built. In fact, in 2015, 75% of large residential developments completed were classified as high-end. The strong shift toward luxury happened only recently and has since taken over. These buildings boast incredible amenities, parking, and open floor-plan units filled with luxury interior finishes.

What’s it really like to live in a luxury downtown high-rise apartment or condominium? Here are some things that people love about living right in the middle of a large city.


Parking & Shopping Convenience

When you live in a high-rise, your garage isn’t next to your front door. Most of these buildings have underground parking or have the first several levels dedicated to parking. Some buildings have shopping carts available to make it easier to bring your stuff up the elevator in one trip after a big trip to the store. When it comes to shopping, downtown cities also have a lot more options for food delivery- largely due to the fact that driving downtown can be hectic with traffic. Uber eats, GrubHub, Postmates, Doordash, and Caviar are just some of the food delivery services available in most cities, and Drizley delivers booze!


High-rise living definitely does not include a yard, which may pose an issue for those with dogs. However, almost all luxury buildings that allow pets have a special area (sometimes even a whole floor!) dedicated to your pets. This can be as basic as a dog run with wood chips where your dog can relieve itself, to a doggy daycare center and dog spa where you can tend to all of your animal’s grooming needs.


Shared Amenities

One of the major draws to living in a luxury high-rise building is the amazing amenities that are offered for all residents. These amenities can include anything from a fancy gym to a rooftop deck with a private movie theatre room, and everything in-between! The ultimate amenity is the 24/7 concierge service that ensures your peace of mind and safety. These staff members are there to serve you. They also make it feel like you are living at a hotel every time you enter or exit the building! They can help you if you lock yourself out of your unit or lose your keys, sign for any packages while you’re away, send your dry cleaning or laundry out, and let anyone on you “list” into your unit such as a dog walker or housekeeper.


These are all major perks of living in a luxury high-rise building, but the one thing that tops them all is being able to start and end your day gazing at the most incredible city views through floor-to-ceiling windows. From so high up, you feel removed from the hustle and bustle of the city below and can enjoy the convenience of having anything around at a moment’s notice.