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How First-Time Homebuyers Are Navigating Competitive Markets

A recent feature published by New York Times outlined the challenges many first-time buyers are facing in real estate markets around the nation, as starter home supply dwindles and prices increase. In areas beyond the Puget Sound, homes are selling quickly, especially when they are smaller and lower-priced, and “seasonal demand is increasing as usual, but buyers are finding that there is a lack of new listings.”

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The Art of Telling a Story & Why Listing Brokers Matter (Even in a Hot Market Like Seattle)

In our current real estate cycle, in which we have a completely tilted supply and demand curve (where 80,000 people are moving into King County annually with only 8,000 new units being built) the bidding wars have gotten a little out of hand. Given Seattle’s hot real estate market, I have met with sellers who have posed the following question: Why go with a full-service broker when there will be multiple offers anyway? Does marketing matter?

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6 Tips for New Homeowners

Signing the final paperwork and receiving the keys to your new home marks an exciting transition from the end of the transaction process into homeownership, and can often be accompanied by a sense of uncertainty at what to do next. For many, it’s difficult to know where to start and what to address first, so the Times put together 6 tips that all new homeowners should consider in order to save money and make the most of their investment.

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