Eastside Still Booming


Recently published article by 425 Magazine highlights the reasons, pros, cons, and tips into why the Eastside of Seattle remains so popular. A particular fact that stood out was that New Castle has lead the Eastside in single family home appreciation. Due possibly in part to the city itself being slightly under the radar, as well as the close-in but not too-close locale, New Castle continues to be a solid choice for families.

Another notable stat includes the fact that the Eastside continues to be a reasonable choice for those relocating from nearby, larger metropolises. Places like the Bay Area in California and Vancouver, Canada are finding Eastside property values to often be under the kinds of figures they’re used to seeing.

Not to mention, buyers coming from China, California, and Canada are all flocking to the region because of the lively economy and multitude of employment opportunities, the accessibility to outdoor recreation, and “option-rich, rock solid schools.”

But the biggest takeaway is that supply is limited and prices are on the rise. Now is the time to buy (or sell). If you wait until next year, interest rates will definitely be higher. Mortgage rates have changed so much recently that some buyers may need to get qualified again; and sellers may be faced with a smaller pool of qualified buyers if they wait too long to list.

To read more of 425 Magazine’s report please visit: Eastside Real Estate Forecast

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Ashley Breunich