Inman News and the Future of Differentiated Branding

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Last month, Inman news wrote an article featuring Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty and detailed how the real estate brokerage has rose to a $1 billion business in a marketplace that is generally dominated by much bigger firms.

Inman News is one of the top Real Estate News Services, with 600,000 unique visitors per month and 1.5 million page views per month, they have positioned themselves as a top news sources for realtors and brokers as well as having expansive list of influences who shape, change, and influence the real estate market.

The article focused on how RSIR is able to differentiate itself from other “Goliaths” within the real estate market and their unique and energetic approach to micro-branding, global reach, and new-generation offices. The author, Gill South, reached out and I was pleased to speak with her regarding micro-branding and my integration of visual branding into my own marketing plan. I have worked with Evoker, a company that creates high quality agent films, with the idea that these mini-films help separate us from the masses by showing who we really are and what is important to us.

The feedback from clients has been that these are people who care about how they represent themselves — they are not just going to plug your home into an MLS; they will have a customized strategy and marketing plan that will fit the highlights of your home.

To read the full Inman Article, please visit: RSIR | Inman: How an Underdog Brokerage Rose to $1B in a Market of Goliaths

I truly value the principal of collaboration and knowing that working together and helping one another results in stronger communities and results for my valued clientele. If you are interested in learning more about RSIR’s unique marketing strategy and global reach and what it can do for you in the real estate market, please contact me: RSIR | Eddie Chang

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