Ten Quick Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale


As a recent article in The Street declares, “you wouldn’t leave a $10 bill lying on the sidewalk, so why would you leave $10,000 on the table when selling your home?” And though it is common for emotions to run high when making a move, it is key to remember that “selling your home is a business transaction and should be treated as one.” So, how does a homeowner work toward ensuring the best return on investment possible? In addition to working with a seasoned real estate agent, here are ten quick tips from The Street that will help as you prepare to sell your home.

Make an unforgettable first impression

Help buyers “paint a picture of what their life would be like in your home” from the moment they see it online or step through the front door. This means taking care of those small home improvements and considering how to add a unique touch to “make your place memorable.”

Small repairs are a must

Though it’s likely that you’ve become used to the minor flaws in your house, a buyer will likely find these issues right away. Whether it’s a paint touch-up or replacing a cracked knob on a cabinet, fixing minor issues means a buyer’s eye won’t be drawn to the wrong place.

Clean, clean, clean

None of us keep our homes perfectly clean at all times, but “the number one turn off for buyers is filth,” which means your home needs to be deep cleaned at the start with minor touchups before each showing to keep it looking its best.

Pricing your home

Appraisals and working with a licensed real estate agent to come to the right price can make a world of difference, as a home priced too low may leave thousands of dollars on the table and one priced too high will sit on the market for too long.

Complete as many inspections as possible

By getting as many inspections out of the way as you can, you are removing a lot of question marks from the list and helping buyers make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase your residence. It also “gives you a bargaining chip during negotiations.”

CMA’s are important

Just as important to appraisals are the Comparative Market Analyses (CMA’s) your licensed real estate agent can provide you. In considering all of the factors that impact a home’s value, you will be able to reach a competitive price that attracts the right audience.

Take the good advice

Your real estate agent and his or her colleagues bring a unique skill set of experiences to the table. If they advise making any sort of changes to the home’s price or its needed improvements (from wallpaper to paint, etc.) consider taking it.

Make your home feel new

Buyers in today’s marketplace tend to look for updated homes because they are often too busy to take on the challenges of renovation projects. If there is one tired room in your home, whether it’s the kitchen or master bath, consider updates to make it feel new again.

Get rid of your clutter

As homeowners, we accumulate lots of things, especially when we’ve lived in the same place for a long time. Too much clutter can turn off a buyer. One solution is to rent a storage unit to keep extra items so that buyers will “be able to envision where they’ll put their own belongings.”

Tell your home’s story

It can often be useful for a homeowner to craft a “book of information” for a buyer to look at while they’re viewing a home. This can include a welcome letter that outlines the factors that make the home stand out and include a list of recent updates and repairs.