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5 Interior Design Trends to Bring Home from Luxury Hotels

Design-forward hotels are beginning to pop up on every corner of the globe. There are so many luxury resorts nowadays that it can be difficult to pick where you want to travel to, and oftentimes the hotel itself can dictate the trip you want to take. Many luxury resorts prioritize guest relaxation, communication with the environment and authenticity. Gone are the days of bare bones hotels with sub-par amenities, today’s hotels are part of a new generation that is striving to give you your best experience yet.

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Bike Shares Expand on the Eastside Amidst Concerns Over New Taxes to Seattle’s Program

Many of us on the Eastside have slowly noticed the influx of Limebike and Ofo bicycles for rent on the Eastside, a product of the dockless bike share programs that have cropped up throughout the city of Seattle and now on the Eastside, with Bothell implementing a program, and Bellevue and Redmond close behind. Now, as Kirkland Reporter outlines, the city of Kirkland is the latest Eastside enclave to consider starting a bike share pilot, as it was the topic of City Council debate in early July.

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